Preparing the last stage of Repo restructuring

Posted by david on 22 March 2012 at 10:04 am

I've moved a lot of code around and created new repos. Now it's time to settle in a little. I've decided to rename the repo currently named clay-installer on Github, to clay. That should simplify things quite a bit, since clay-installer now includes the clay-framework repo's stable builds. The clay repo will house the latest mature code from different packages. ClayCMS will get it's own repo, for now, named claycms. It will not be the full code, like clay, just the pieces that make up ClayCMS. Over time ClayCMS will be merged into the clay repo, I have yet to decide if I will release a standalone version of ClayCMS. Anyway, this should simplify things and lighten the merge nightmare I have been dealing with.


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