Goal Week

Posted by david on 13 March 2012 at 12:52 am

My goal this week is to have CF 0.9.1 on GitHub, [hopefully] along with compatibility updates to Clay Installer. I would also like to push the ClayCMS core. ClayCMS may not make it, or I may just not push the files to the master repo yet (create an Unstable branch and put a note in the readme file about what is going on). 

CF 0.9.1 includes some namespace changes, in both libraries and applications. It's some major changes, so I'm having to review and test the code to make sure everything is correct. I'm also commenting code as I do the review, which is something I've neglected quite a bit in the past.

Note: I've already pushed the namespace changes to the master repo. My goal is to have the code ready to tag as 0.9.1, which is Alpha 2 (see previous post about Clay release schedule).


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