Working toward Clay Framework 0.9.2 (Alpha 3)

Posted by david on 09 March 2012 at 9:41 am

I've tagged the current version of Clay Framework, in the GitHub repo, as 0.9.0 (Alpha 1). I'm not publicizing it as a release, but it is the first 'complete' Alpha. Alpha 2 (0.9.1) will incorporate the new namespace changes. It will not be publicized either (other than here of course). Finally Alpha 3 (0.9.2) will have some changes to the way Application objects are created and will incorporate a few other improvements for applications. Alpha 3 will be the first public Alpha release. If all goes well, as in nothing catastrophic comes up, it will be the only Alpha release. Starting at 0.9.3 I hope to begin releasing Betas and to have launched by that point.


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