Posted by david on 14 February 2012 at 5:11 am
The dashboard is obviously my top priority at the moment and a focal point for managing the site. My hope with it is to provide a simple interface that uses privileges to show a user what he/she can do on the site. One of the things I want to do after the dashboard is in place is create a user home page. The dashboard is available from any page, using an overlay, but the user homepage is a way to communication with other users, share content, and decide what kind of content he/she wants to display to other. In a way it is like an extended multipurpose profile and the Facebook wall. The homepage will be a separate app and the basis for future improvements toward social networking. The hope is to eventually allow a user to create a website inside the ClayCMS and have applications he/she can use, although they will actually be a service hook from actual ClayCMS applications.


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