Posted by david on 21 September 2018 at 1:59 am

I've been building the Clay 2 installer, which is quite different from Clay 1. Clay 2's new structure allows the installer to be a Clay app, instead of a separate instance of the Clay framework. The framework and cms will be merged and allow you to build installations where you select which modules and apps are considered to be a part of the core. This was previously done through packages in the installer, but required duplicating processes.

The processes are no longer duplicated, as each instance will have a lower level of control over the code base. Higher level functionality will require a range of compatibility, but that is taken care of by using traits for libraries and allowing modules and apps to extend classes as needed. Many former libraries have been converted to modules.

Clay 2 will also adhere more to widely accepted coding standards, utilize a file structure based autoloader, feature a new template system (separate from the app object), and use fewer static classes. I say will, but most of that is already started or implemented.


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