Posted by david on 28 December 2017 at 3:59 pm

I've converted the Vision theme to ClaySS as Vision2, it looks a little different, but mostly the same. I also updated the ClaySS repo to 1.1, but I then identified an issue because the iotacss enabler flag variables are not included (you can add them or wait for 1.2 next week).

I am pushing Clay 1.4 to a later date, so I can spend some time rounding out 1.3 some more. I want to add some blocks, apps, themes, and work on docs in Clay and ClaySS before I move on to the changes in 1.4. That means I'll probably have some minor 1.3.x builds popping up here. 

I also have help working on Clay now so I want them to have a little time working with a stable version before we start changing it too much. The even numbered 1.x versions are unstable builds, so 1.4 won't be live here anyway. I'll declare 1.3 in January, then the next few months I'll have 1.3.x versions here. Clay 1.4 will introduce a new REST API and some features that make applications more powerful, similar to how 1.2-1.3 have been about improvements to the front-end.


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