Posted by david on 07 September 2017 at 12:36 am

I'm considering releasing Clay almost as-is as 1.0 and just beginning on the 2.0 branch. The changes I want to make are piling up and most of them are keeping me from doing other things. Version numbers aren't really a big deal nowadays, but I've wanted to make it perfect for 1.0 and I can't if I keep thinking of ways to improve it.

It works as it is now, I may as well call it the first version and move on. I don't have all of the apps I wanted in a first release, but the changes I want to make will allow apps to be developed much faster and easier. So...I'm going to sleep on it. The main thing to me is to always have an upgrade path and if I tick up the version to 1 now, I can build on that. 

What I'm looking at would deprecate some older features and consolidate into newer, some even current, features. It feels odd to have deprecated features in a 1.0 release. I'd rather start fresh and at least show how much time has gone into it. So, more than likely, I'm going to do the 1.0 release, do some major changes to prep for 2.0 in 1.x, and keep moving along.

But, like I said, I'm going to sleep on it...


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