Developer Tools in Clay

Posted by david on 05 September 2017 at 2:06 am

I've been trying to make Clay a little more developer friendly, mainly to make up for a lack of documentation. Adding Composer support was a part of that. I'm hoping, over time, I can continue building in tools that assist in that department, but to also use them as a form of documentation. 

Tonight I started on an example/starter app that will demonstration how applications work and all of the options available to use from Clay itself. Apps are their own entity within Clay, so it's impossible to demonstrate everything possible to build in an app, but I can show ways to do certain things.

I've always hated scaffolded apps, but I was still considering building a generator that gives you a simple, functioning app. I still may do that, as a temporary solution, but I have a better idea for the long term. I may tell you about it some day...or I may just wait and show you.

The one tool Clay needs the most is documentation and I plan to slowly document everything. I had a complete set of docs for Clay years ago, but it kept changing so much that was not maintainable by just me. Clay is stable now and if nothing else I'll have a complete document on for 2.0.


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