Clay Release Roadmap

Posted by david on 05 July 2017 at 2:42 am
I have a couple of apps I want to finish, then I'll be releasing the current Clay codebase as Clay 1.0. I'm skipping 1.1-1.5 to use as maintenance releases and will be branching off to a 1.6 alpha codebase for Clay 2.0. The next version of Clay will focus on the front-end and modernizing it. The plan is to drop Bootstrap and jQuery, replacing them with some nifty stuff I've been working on. I'm hoping Clay 2.0 comes rather quickly, but there may be a slight delay depending on the Clay Framework updates I want to add. In real-time I'm probably on Clay 10 anyway. The reason for the quick shift to 2.0 development is Bootstrap and jQuery are written into Clay to the point it becomes a compatibility issue to remove them (which is why I want to remove them).


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