iotaCSS Starter Kit

Posted by david on 14 May 2017 at 3:56 pm
Bootstrap is the pseudo standard for CSS/Grid frameworks today and the forthcoming Bootstrap 4 will likely solidify that position further. I love it and use it here. Unfortunately, developers sometimes need an edge and using the same thing everyone else is using doesn't really supply that. A new framework, named iotaCSS ( is under development and shows a lot of promise. The framework is entirely based on SASS and is designed to be completely customizable. It provides the base and you build into it, not just onto it like Bootstrap. It also has a very flexible architecture that allows you to add your own components and bend it at your will. The only downside is the framework is so loosely coupled that it is just a series of NPM modules you have to link together. I have created a project on github that brings it all together and gives you a starter kit to work from. Check it out on my github account (daviddyess). It's still under development, but I expect to have the baseline in the repo soon. It's currently functional, I just need to finish commenting the pieces.


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