Posted by david on 22 December 2015 at 7:40 pm
I've been coding away at my new project and learned quite a bit lately. For one thing, Clay's sessions aren't compatible with PHP 7. A fix is coming soon for that, which will be backward compatible with PHP 5.6. Also, did you know you can have symlinks in Windows? I didn't! Apparently it's supported by NTFS, as I've seen for myself. Google it. Github's has a nice editor named Atom (.io) that I've been using and liking. I've also spent some time playing around with some XMPP stuff. Oh, and although I haven't got to try PHP 7 with Clay, I did try it with a hello world app on the Clay Framework. Processing time went from 0.001 seconds to 0.0000 seconds. Apparently it rounded too low for my range. Yeah, 7 is fast. The first time I refreshed the page I didn't think it refreshed. Not even a blink. Anyway, I'm working on some stuff with Clay and am trying to hammer out a fresh framework release and some docs too. Fun stuff :)


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