Clay Content Apps Developnent

Posted by david on 28 January 2015 at 6:34 pm
I've been building a comments system app for Clay. I has been a good test case for plugins/hooks. The comments are threaded and have no hard depth limit. Depth and other options will be configuable per hook, with custom template and controller support. The blog app is getting some big updates and I may split it off into a new app, but I'm not decided there yet. The blog app allows typical blog articles with titles or short posts without. I would like to split those two into different apps or at least at the template level. The updates are mostly presentation, with new views to show for a homepage versus per user and topic. Tag and topic support are being added via separate plugins, with an emphasis on dividing large amounts of posts easily. I'm also in the planning stage for pluggable search and timeline apps. Timelines will create a separate stream view for cherrypicking items into customizable views, such as for a subscription system or a user group. Finally, a lot of those new features will be used to build a lightweight discussion forum that mostly consists of plugins.


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