Clay Status Update

Posted by david on 08 January 2013 at 2:00 am

Sorry for the long gap in posts, I've been pretty busy lately. I'm preparing for a big move and dealing with all of the things that go along with that on top of work. I have worked on Clay some, mostly on the app side. 

I've been developing an Eve Online application that uses it's API and database dump to do some pretty cool things. It's built on Clay and will be included in the Clay repo, along with a couple of related Libraries. Eventually I'll move it to it's own repo, but at the moment I think it has a lot of good example code. 

While working on the Eve app, I've also updated several apps and libraries, including some bug fixes. I'll be pushing all of the changes soon, along with the Eve app. I mainly am trying to make sure there are no security issues in the Eve app before I begin pushing it. More to come before another quiet time during my move.


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