Clay Development Update

Posted by david on 09 September 2012 at 3:00 pm

Prepping for Merge

I've been doing some premerge audits to make sure I haven't missed anything in the privs branch that will require a lot of rework from the master branch. I try not to make big changes to the code base within the master branch, especially if it is something that makes it unstable for an extended period of time. I've pushed a lot of code to the privs branch since my last post. I've totally deprecated the ClayCMS library, all of it has been replaced by modules or built into the Clay library. I've cleaned up a lot of code too, but there are still some applications that are not commented or cleaned up. I removed the Security application, as that was mostly used as a setup application and modules have replaced it. The admin backend for privileges management hasn't been implemented, but that can easily be added into the master branch. It is the continuing end to the current goal at least.


I need to do some testing to make sure the new module installer works correctly and I've correctly implemented the setups for those. Modules have replaced a lot of functionality of both libraries and applications, with applications becoming dependents. The goal is to build up modules, so applications are lighter and implemented using existing code from modules. The modules also allow developers to create application platforms ontop of Clay and use what they need from existing modules.

Next Branch

I'm weighing my choices for the next step, but I will likely work on Blocks and User Profiles next. There's plenty to do, but I think those are a logical next step. There are a lot of core features to add, including Data Objects - used to create pages and applications more rapidly, including built in CRUD; Hooks - a generic service type that can be used to extend application functionality; Logger - used to audit for error messages, user activity, optimizations; and Debugger - visual data display, associating output data to templates, to name a few. There are lots of applications to be created and finished as well. The next step will likely be Blocks, which will be either a service type or a specialized application controller.


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