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Posted by david on 23 August 2012 at 11:19 am

Over the course of developing the Clay Framework and then building the platforms on top of it I have now, I've always developed with other developers' needs in mind. I've tried to make the Clay Framework as flexible as possible. None of that is going to change, but there is a big change coming.

The last couple of day I've torn Clay apart and started putting it back together. It's not a rewrite, it's simply a complete restructuring. Namespaces will be more easily identified. Application platforms will be able to share applications. Modules will be self-aware, resolve their own dependencies, and be reusable across all of Clay. 

I've basically merged everything. Applications can use anything, regardless of the platform, and will be usable on any platform built with Clay. 

I'll blog again with more details, why I've done this, and what it means.



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