Site Upgrade

Posted by david on 12 May 2012 at 1:33 am

I've upgraded to the newest version of ClayCMS tonight.  Yay! :)

There are many improvements over the prior version, although most of them are not apparent from the outside. You may notice the blog entries are formatted better, that's thanks to the new HTML filter, which allows me to display HTML that is considered safe. I no longer have to strip out all HTML in fear of something malicious being sent through. I also have the new Dashboard bar, which is my favorite feature of this CMS by far. You have to be logged in to experience it, but it makes things a lot easier. :)

Performance has been improved and a lot of the code has been optimized. To help with performance, I've added the pager, which means I don't have to display all 100+ blog posts as once (see bottom of this page). I've also cut the PHP memory usage down by almost 20%, which isn't a lot, but ClayCMS doesn't use a lot of memory anyway. Most of the Dashboard uses Ajax form submission, which also cuts down on resource usage through minimized output and processing.

I'm hoping the next upgrade will have Blog comments and the privilege system stabilized so I can allow user registration.

Finally, this site is now using the Clay Autoboot package, which allows me to run multiple web sites from the same code base. :)


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