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16 May 11

12:41 am

Bug Fix: Session Handler

Finally.. I think. There has been a session bug that has been bugging me (yup) for the last 2 months, roughly. It would show up, then go away, just when I thought it was a fluke, it would come back again! Well it showed up again today. So I've spent most of my free time today trying to zap it. I uploaded a potential went away. Hopefully it's squashed and I can finally concentrate on something a little more interesting.

15 May 11

9:43 pm
Maybe I'll leave the date in the same place and just move the time. Whatever..options are good.

9:41 pm
The timeline may look better when there's more than one user posting though... I'll have to play with it when I have time.

9:40 pm
Well, this timeline order for blog posts was kind of cool when I imagined it, now it's looking kind of lame. Guess I'll have to do some tweaking when I get back around to working on the blog app. Maybe a "choose your layout" option?

4:18 pm
I did get around to uploading some changes, but they were some bug fixes and some security enhancements. I haven't uploaded any new apps yet. I missed some important features on the administrative side, so I've been having to implement those. Now that those are in place, I'm hoping to begin trickling in some new additions.

12 May 11

5:55 pm
Hopefully I'll be uploading a few changes later today. Haven't finished as much as I'd hoped, but something is better than nothing I guess.

10 May 11

11:05 pm
Ah the Fail Whale (Twitter)... how I hadn't missed you.

09 May 11

8:19 pm

New Plan

Well, now that I've resolved the server issues, which were actually not server issues at all, I have a new plan for this week. I think I'll mainly focus on finishing this blog app (which requires some finishing touches to the HTML filter), along with adding some user details with a user profile app (nothing fancy). Other than that, will probably work on some behind the scenes stuff.

7:00 pm


Apparently I have a tendency to commit a certain typo that happened to not happen when I set up the site on this server. Apparently that led to some very strange things. Crisis averted, typos corrected :) Now I can work on the fun stuff.

5:57 pm
I have several sites I am wanting to build. This one, which is of course my personal blog/playground. #2 is a test site for new ClayCMS features and apps, possibly opened to the general public (some of you will recognize it's name when it goes live). #3 is a culmination of several years of development, built using the tested features from #2.