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15 May 11

4:18 pm
I did get around to uploading some changes, but they were some bug fixes and some security enhancements. I haven't uploaded any new apps yet. I missed some important features on the administrative side, so I've been having to implement those. Now that those are in place, I'm hoping to begin trickling in some new additions.

12 May 11

5:55 pm
Hopefully I'll be uploading a few changes later today. Haven't finished as much as I'd hoped, but something is better than nothing I guess.

10 May 11

11:05 pm
Ah the Fail Whale (Twitter)... how I hadn't missed you.

09 May 11

8:19 pm

New Plan

Well, now that I've resolved the server issues, which were actually not server issues at all, I have a new plan for this week. I think I'll mainly focus on finishing this blog app (which requires some finishing touches to the HTML filter), along with adding some user details with a user profile app (nothing fancy). Other than that, will probably work on some behind the scenes stuff.

7:00 pm


Apparently I have a tendency to commit a certain typo that happened to not happen when I set up the site on this server. Apparently that led to some very strange things. Crisis averted, typos corrected :) Now I can work on the fun stuff.

5:57 pm
I have several sites I am wanting to build. This one, which is of course my personal blog/playground. #2 is a test site for new ClayCMS features and apps, possibly opened to the general public (some of you will recognize it's name when it goes live). #3 is a culmination of several years of development, built using the tested features from #2.

5:41 pm


Finish the blog editor, so I can fix that last blog title :)

Update (12 May 12): Ha! Finally finished the blog editor...


5:40 pm

Plans for this Clay week

I ran into some strange server compatibility issues when setting up this site yesterday, so I plan to mainly focus on finding out what is causing them. I'm not sure how much of my free time I'll have left after that. I'm hoping some of them are configuration issues that can be fixed with php.ini directives. I need to tweak the HTML filter, so I can allow HTML in these posts. I also want to set up the user profiles, so I can begin working toward comments and multiuser features. If I have time I'm also going to set up another site, using the multisite package, and use that for a public test site.

12:50 am
Calling it a night...finally. There are still some strange differences I'm noticing between how Clay is running on this web server, compared to my home server. I guess this is just another part of the learning process. Good night!

12:27 am
As you can probably see, the server has been giving me some issues. Apparently I need to compare the server settings between the host and my local server again. Ah well, good thing this is all temporary :)