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28 Nov 11

1:46 am
After swapping development environments, losing almost 6 months work of Clay development code due to a combination of backups being auto saved to the wrong partition and the following hard drive failure (development code and backups were on the same drive, mistakenly), being away for a month, and some really busy work weeks, Clay is getting back in full swing. I'm going to work around the code losses and try to remember the changes as I push forward. I'm also setting up a private cloud on my hosted server and will be doing a reset of the git repository on github, with mirrors on sourceforge or google code. I messed up and didn't push a lot of changes to github because of the transitions the code was going through. I'm working on a repo strategy to divide up the project, probably resulting in up to 4 different repos to support the full Clay project. I've been wanting to do that for a while, it should allow me to have the framework separate and branch it in a way that will allow continued advancement. Tomorrow i hope to get new repos setup and possibly do some more organizing, but that depends on how much time I end up with.

07 Sep 11

1:29 am
I really only have a few small things left and I can upgrade ClayCMS on this site. The dashboard is my favorite new addition and the services functionality is going to be a killer feature to promote ClayCMS. Once the upgrade is here I can finish the Clay Autoboot package and begin launching multi sites. Then Clay will finally have a project web site and maybe it can see a little community growth. I have lots of ideas that will hopefully provide some inspiration for community projects with Clay.

1:19 am

Winter Projects

As the Summer here in the Great North winds down, I've been itching to get back into developer mode. I have several Clay-based projects I want to work on. I'm hoping to launch the website soon, with some nice project management features, including hosting for Clay-based projects. The site will use ClayCMS. I'm also planning on a relaunch of, starting out with a bookmark service and later expanding to a suite of more social oriented applications. My goal is to one day promote Clay for commercial applications as a free open source platform, so I have a few projects I want to launch on that front as well. Two of the projects I've blueprinted a little are a maintenance data system (for managing equipment and operational scheduling and workflows) and an online education system for distance learning. That may sound like a strange combination, but coming from a military background, they are actually tightly linked if you consider a maintenance environment. There are so many things I want to do and so little time. Fortunately Clay is stabilizing and I can focus on the fun stuff instead of writing apps for a system that wont support them in a few months. I think once that site is up and running you'll get a better idea of exactly how much I want to do with this platform I've spent so much time working on.

21 Aug 11

5:49 pm
So, I have decided to try Fedora 15 for about a month. I've been using Ubuntu for about 3 years straight, time to try something different I think. I'm liking Fedora a lot, but haven't decided if I like Unity or Gnome Shell better. They both have their advantages I guess. Anyway, I've taken a little time off of Clay development. Its a busy time of the year and there's just too much going on. I will work on it as often as I can and now I have a new development environment to play with. I like Fedora better than Ubuntu so far.

5:44 pm
Barksdale for a week. Sounds fun, right? It's probably not going to be...

28 Jul 11

12:10 am
Finally, for now, i've been considering setting up a mailbag like posting service in ClayCMS. I can use the service hooks, probably. I've been using Google+ with it's Picasa integration and email posting of pics. Very handy for someone like me without a smart phone.

12:06 am
I've been thinking about how to do a new theme for this site. The theme on here now is an example theme I've set up to standardize CSS and structural naming conventions. I want design something fun and more visually appealing for here, something a little more unique than what I normally use. Many I'll have time to play around with that this weekend too.

12:01 am
I hope to do a refresh of the site this weekend. I think the dashboard is close enough to completion to finish it up. I haven't worked on anything dealing with Clay in almost a month. There have been lots of things to work on around the house that I can't do during the winter months.

11 Jul 11

11:34 pm
P.S. Sorry for the quiet second half of June. Also, I may have to do a refresh. It's looking like some of the coming changes will be a lot to push into an upgrade, especially considering this is the only site that will ever require this particular upgrade.

11:31 pm

Summer Fun

I'm still working on ClayCMS, slowly. I've been enjoying our short North Dakota summer a little too much to have enough free time for coding. I've also been studying to TSgt promotion for next year. I've been using a newly open sourced project called WebTester to help study. It is a testing (as in exams) script that lets me create practice tests. I have considered porting it over to ClayCMS, some day, and maybe working on some other educational apps.