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21 Feb 12

1:47 pm

Goal Week

I've decided I will update this site sometime between now and Sunday! I'll also try to import the current blog into the new installation. I'm going to try to set a goal for development each week and do bi-weekly upgrades.

1:44 pm

CF Developer Guide

The Clay Framework Developer Guide is in works and it currently part of the CF documentation on Github. You can find it at The Developer Guide is currently a (incomplete) list of all the Libraries that are a part of CF and what they do. Eventually it will have more examples of using the Libraries, although it does have some simple examples now. I've put a lot of work into it the past week, so it is moving along nicely. I'll try to update it as I make changes. Also, I'm going to start pushing the updates via git, instead of using the Github UI.

1:38 pm

Clay Framework Documentat

I've been working on the documentation for Clay Framework (CF). You can find it at It is incomplete, but it's a start. Eventually all of it will be structured better and on

6:05 am

New Laptop

I love my iPad, but tablets are not a complete replacement for a laptop. So...I bought a laptop. It's pretty nice and was very inexpensive for the hardware it has. I keep catching myself touching the screen, haha. Already quite a few finger prints.

14 Feb 12

5:14 am

Happy Valentine's Day

To my lovely wife and children :)

5:13 am
The user home pages will also be the basis for a project manager, help system, and other community driven applications.

5:11 am
The dashboard is obviously my top priority at the moment and a focal point for managing the site. My hope with it is to provide a simple interface that uses privileges to show a user what he/she can do on the site. One of the things I want to do after the dashboard is in place is create a user home page. The dashboard is available from any page, using an overlay, but the user homepage is a way to communication with other users, share content, and decide what kind of content he/she wants to display to other. In a way it is like an extended multipurpose profile and the Facebook wall. The homepage will be a separate app and the basis for future improvements toward social networking. The hope is to eventually allow a user to create a website inside the ClayCMS and have applications he/she can use, although they will actually be a service hook from actual ClayCMS applications.

5:02 am
One of the priorities one my todo list is to finish the HTML filter. The filter will likely use a config file that stores a list of allowed HTML tags and attributes. There will be an administrative interface to add, remove, edit, etc the tags list and a service hook that will allow you to hook different HTML filters to users or content types. It's fairly straightforward and also works as an HTML tidying tool if you don't want to put restrictions on tags.

4:53 am
Last night I did an audit of the privileges, compared to the ones used in apps. It appears some of the privileges didn't make it into the app install processes. One of those, which I spent half an hour trying to figure out, was user registration. I was working on the dashboard and couldn't figure out why it wasn't displaying a login/register form when a guest user visited the dashboard. Guests didn't have the privilege of logging in or registering. I fixed it in the database and decided to audit the other apps for privileges. I made a note of all of the missing privileges and wrote a temporary routine into the security app to log queries of privileges that do not exist.

13 Feb 12

2:44 am
I worked on the Dashboard some more today. I didn't get a lot finished. I was mostly digging through the code to see what I finished a while back when I was working on it. There seemed to be some things missing, but its hard to tell if its missing or if I never implemented them. I know there is code missing some places. I fixed the blog title shortening a while back and it wasn't fixed in my current working copy. I now back up everything to a portable drive and have a backup manager that regularly backs up my Home folder to a different drive. Hopefully I wont have to worry about losing months or even years of work again. Anyway, the Dashboard will be the default dashboard. The services library allows applications to create service types and services. Any app can create a service type and any app can create/provide services for service types. Service types have a registered service provider, which provides the object interface for its services to use. A service type should never be removed. Another application can begin offering the dashboard service type and other applications simply have to use the new application's object interface (unless the new application is compatible with the old service provider's object - this would normally be the case in a transitional period). Anyway, the Dashboard will be the default dashboard service provider and there shouldnt be a need to implement the System Admin service I discussed yesterday.