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18 Sep 17

2:02 am

I've been migrating Clay's services over to plugins. So far only the Dashboard is finished. I'm working on the blocks now. They work a little differently from other plugins, but it demonstrates how flexible the plugins module can be. During the updates I plan to add some blocks, such as metadata and make the navbar a block.

The advantage of plugins over services is you manage the content through the UI, where services are called in manually within the code. This will allow me to build more flexible apps that can be used in various forms, by combining generic features for specific purposes. 

The goal with plugins is to be able to eventually build custom content by using and mixing various plugins, then enhance them through a theme instead of creating new apps. Once the migration is complete I'll remove the services module and probably bring it back in a different form later on. 


15 Sep 17

2:42 am

Clay as a Service

If anyone is interested in using Clay, I'm offering 5 free hosting plans. Use the contact link and send me an email. This is to allow me to gauge performance, test server migrations, and build metrics for hosting packages. These 5 accounts will always be free under a very generous quota, so take advantage of it if you are interested. 

Please only apply if you will be actively using the hosting and willing provide feedback.


14 Sep 17

12:14 am

Clay Development Changes

I have decided, possibly temporarily, to remove the visibility of Clay's project on Github. The Clay Framework is still open source and visible on Github. I will continue to develop open source software, but no one else uses Clay and it may be better to build it behind the scenes for now. I may reopen the project or create a community version. The majority of the tools I am building for Clay will remain open source, just not the CMS itself.

11 Sep 17

2:05 am

Now that Clay 1.0 is here (get it in the releases section on Github or clone master), I will rebuild Clay Framework and do a 1.0 release of it as well.

In the future, I may turn the framework into a composer package and manage it that way, even within Clay CMS (I normally just call it Clay). I had tossed around the idea to drop the framework as being a separate entity, but it could be useful to someone so I'll keep it.

For those that don't know, the Clay Framework is the core Clay library, with ClayDB and a multi-package installer framework. It's the part everything in Clay CMS is built upon. It has gone through several rewrites and is probably on somewhere around 6.0, I just never ticked up the version numbers. 1.0 sounds just as good to me.


1:16 am

Clay Updated to 1.0

Clay has been updated to 1.0 on Github. I've also upgraded all of my sites, without any issues from 0.9.x. If you notice any issues post a comment or report any issue on Github.


08 Sep 17

4:45 pm

After sleeping on it, I'm doing a last audit of Clay, fixing a bunch of minor consistency issues, and will do an upgrade test. If all goes well, I plan to release Clay 1.0 on Monday. 


07 Sep 17

12:36 am

I'm considering releasing Clay almost as-is as 1.0 and just beginning on the 2.0 branch. The changes I want to make are piling up and most of them are keeping me from doing other things. Version numbers aren't really a big deal nowadays, but I've wanted to make it perfect for 1.0 and I can't if I keep thinking of ways to improve it.

It works as it is now, I may as well call it the first version and move on. I don't have all of the apps I wanted in a first release, but the changes I want to make will allow apps to be developed much faster and easier. So...I'm going to sleep on it. The main thing to me is to always have an upgrade path and if I tick up the version to 1 now, I can build on that. 

What I'm looking at would deprecate some older features and consolidate into newer, some even current, features. It feels odd to have deprecated features in a 1.0 release. I'd rather start fresh and at least show how much time has gone into it. So, more than likely, I'm going to do the 1.0 release, do some major changes to prep for 2.0 in 1.x, and keep moving along.

But, like I said, I'm going to sleep on it...


05 Sep 17

2:06 am

Developer Tools in Clay

I've been trying to make Clay a little more developer friendly, mainly to make up for a lack of documentation. Adding Composer support was a part of that. I'm hoping, over time, I can continue building in tools that assist in that department, but to also use them as a form of documentation. 

Tonight I started on an example/starter app that will demonstration how applications work and all of the options available to use from Clay itself. Apps are their own entity within Clay, so it's impossible to demonstrate everything possible to build in an app, but I can show ways to do certain things.

I've always hated scaffolded apps, but I was still considering building a generator that gives you a simple, functioning app. I still may do that, as a temporary solution, but I have a better idea for the long term. I may tell you about it some day...or I may just wait and show you.

The one tool Clay needs the most is documentation and I plan to slowly document everything. I had a complete set of docs for Clay years ago, but it kept changing so much that was not maintainable by just me. Clay is stable now and if nothing else I'll have a complete document on for 2.0.


03 Sep 17

9:02 pm

Composer Support in Clay

I'm currently adding Composer (the PHP package manager) support in Clay, with the hope that access to additional packages will speed up my development flow. I do not plan to make Composer a requirement to use Clay, it will only be for Clay developers. 

Until now there has been very little 3rd party code within Clay, I've attempted to write as much of it as I can. Unfortunately, that isn't the timeliest way to do things, especially if there is a specialized package that can do the same things. There are still plenty of things I want to add to Clay that I'll have to write myself, but these packages (which are equivalent to Clay Libraries) will definitely makes development easier and faster.

Again, Composer won't be required to use Clay, it will just be a developer tool, in addition to NPM (Node.js Package Manager) and several other command line tools that are used for Clay development. All of the 3rd party packages will be included in Clay and managed through the release cycle process.


30 Aug 17

11:33 pm

It's Not Your Rank, It's Where You Wear It

Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest valleys; look on them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you even unto death.

- Sun Tzu

Most leaders today see their people as numbers or workers. Sun Tzu had a very different view of his people and that has had a profound impact on how I treat everyone I work with, whether I am their boss or not. Sun Tzu taught that leadership is a balance of multiplicity. Wisdom, ingenuity, planning, compassion, awareness, and many other attributes come together to make a great leader.

You have to be everything your followers need, some things they want, and nothing they don't need. Great leaders are loved for those truncated attributes. My motto as a leader has always been similar to the Sun Tzu quote above. My quote would be: "Not matter what rank I wear, it makes no difference to my troops. I wear my rank in your heart, not on my sleeve."