ClayCMS Development Update

Posted by david on 29 April 2012 at 8:44 pm

I've been working hard on ClayCMS. Here are some of the changes: new Dashboard Toolbar - the toolbar features action icons for displaying the Dashboard and performing various actions; new Dashboard Message system - a notification system to relay status messages and errors when performing actions, such as adding new items or editing and deleting items; new System message API for sending notifications to the Dashboard Message system; new AJAX form handler for Dashboard items - add/edit/delete items without refreshing the page, supports the Message system, and it's built-in (just use dashForm in your ID attribute to your form and the AJAX handler does the rest); new dashlink CSS class to open items in the Dashboard from anywhere on the site; improved customization - many of the test styles have been moved to style sheets for theme overrides; built-in support for avatars - register your login email address at Gravatar and it works automatically; and lots of beginnings for other new features.

As you can see, the Dashboard has remained my primary focus. It is the central focal point for site administration and content features, so it is important to have it working as well as possible. I've also started on the User management tools, added lots of settings to be changed in the Site Settings dashboard menu, began the management tools for Privileges and Roles, and fixed lots of bugs along the way. I've had quite a few issues trying to decide how to implement the user profiles, blocks, and the dreaded main menu. With the work on the Dashboard moving into maintenance mode, those will begin to attract more of my focus. I've also started on a Social Tools applications, for support of features from Social Networking sites and a few of my own. Facebook comments and things like that will likely make it into that.


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