Sculpt: Concept

Posted by david on 21 March 2012 at 9:59 am

Sculpt is a name that I've used for a few things so far, but it's never stuck. Maybe this time it will.

The concept is a little different from the standard Content Management System, such as ClayCMS. It's one that I've tossed around in my head for a years now, mainly because it's very complex on the code side and very simple on the user side. Let's just roll into it, shall we?

Most CMSs have a structure designed to be built upon, such as modules, applications, plugins, hooks, etc, and they used by developers from the bottom up. You have core functionality and build upon that functionality to create new functionality. The idea behind Sculpt is to have a system that builds upon itself as the developer builds in parallel. It requires a dynamic system of  models, views, and controllers to allow a developer to create functionality based on events, instead of writing code.

For instance, if the developer wanted to create a blog, s/he would (from a user interface) describe what the blog needed to work, how it would look, and what it would be called. Sculpt would then use that information to build the blog. Then if the developer wanted to create something else, say a photo gallery, Sculpt would build it, and then offer cross functionality between the blog and photo gallery. So now, you can post images in a blog post, which adds an image to your gallery. Or, you could add an image to the gallery and write a blog about it. The concept is building vertically and horizontally at once, whereas the conventional system builds vertically or horizontally, but not both.


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