Namespace changes in Clay Framework

Posted by david on 09 March 2012 at 9:35 am

I've started changing the namespace/folder names in Clay Framework (CF) to match. Some of them are kind of strange, since the folder name should be plural, but the namespace is easier to read as singular. Such as \data\filter\html. You may think the html filter would be in a /filters folder. Clay is action-based, so the classes and functions are namespaced as actions, not sets. A lot of frameworks are using matching folders and namespaces, which I have planned to change to for a while. 

Once I've finished some testing I will push the changes out to the repos. I've also started doing the changes in ClayCMS and Clay Installer. For instance Application Libaries will be in a /library folder to be uniform with the change in CF of /libraries to /library. The app library namespace is changing accordingly, from \application\*\api to \application\*\library. I am keeping the method of calling Library Static methods using static::api(), as those are API functions. 

Once all of these changes are in affect, CF will be at version 0.9.1 (Alpha 2). I plan to do the first publicized Alpha release with 0.9.2 (Alpha 3). 


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