Posted by david on 07 March 2012 at 9:33 am

I have Autoboot working, mostly. I still have to finish the method that creates/updates the configuration file to store domains -> configurations. I only spent about an hour on it, so considering I worked a night shift and then worked on Autoboot I think I did ok. 

CF is amazing, and yes I am biased. To implement Autoboot's functionality took about 10 lines of code, 1 class extending the \clay class. I wouldn't have even had to extend \clay, if it wasn't for a static property I needed to access configuration data. 

To use it you create an "installation" of the Autoboot package and name it 'default'. Then in the "installation" set up you match a domain name to an installation. That's it. The 10 lines of code does the rest. It's only accessible from the Clay Installer.

I also added a feature to rename "installations" to Clay Installer. I did that yesterday before going into work. It doesn't set up a restore point, which I may add later. The Site Restore feature isn't complete, so I didn't want to dive into that too much. 

Once I put the finishing touches on Autoboot, I'll be back to working on ClayCMS. I'm hoping to have enough content apps soon to use Autoboot and launch


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