ClayCMS: Blocks, Objects Apps; Sculpt: the Future?

Posted by david on 05 March 2012 at 10:33 am

I've started to put the foundation for the Blocks app. It's going to be rather simple at first, just a service type and a way to create/group blocks. I have bigger plans on this front, but something simple will be easier to upgrade later on. 

Objects is an app that I started a while back and it just sat for a long time. ClayCMS has a skeleton library named dataobjects, it allows you to build data structures for different types of purposes. The Objects app is a potential successor to dataobjects, if not a companion. It doesn't do a lot by itself, but can be used in a way similiar to Services. It allows you to create an object type and assign pieces of functionality called properties to that object. It can then be implemented in various ways by manipulating which properties are included in the assignment. The key to this functionality is the properties can inherit or be assigned other properties, which allows each structure to potentially be entirely different. One of the first implementations I've experimented with is a Forms app that allows you to build forms for data input. I've mentioned all of this before, in part, but it's been a while. It's similiar to DynamicData in Xaraya, but the implemenation is very different. I haven't decided on a name for it, exactly, but it's now dataobjects and I've toyed with the idea of renaming it ClayDO. I haven't decided if ClayDO and/or Objects app will be in early releases of ClayCMS or not. Unfortunately I had something a little simpler in mind with ClayCMS, so I may add it as an optional feature, instead of making it a Core requirement.

The idea for dataobjects actually began as another Application Platform I want to build using Clay Framework. While ClayCMS is intended to be a simple and straight-forward development platform, Sculpt, the other platform, would allow you to build a web site of applications without having to write any code. Applications would be created by assigning dataobjects properties and designing a template from the user interface, that's all. This is very different from what I have now. I have a lot to learn before I can build something like Sculpt, so I wouldn't be surprised to see dataobjects or ClayDO or Objects app-like functionality in ClayCMS for the time being.


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