Posted by david on 04 March 2012 at 6:24 am

I worked on the Dashboard some more last night. I added the System app service hook and it has a few options I'm working on still. It will be where you set system settings, such as Theme, default Application, Site name, slogan, copyright info, etc. It also has a section that displays information about your PHP/Server, using phpinfo().

I finished my goal for the week of making Clay Framework/ClayCMS PHP Strict Standards compliant. There wasn't alot to fix. The major change from that was I split the template() method off from \application\object and added a Static method to \application. It complicates the code a little more, but provides better way to extend the template engine as well. 

I set up a temporary fix to the HTML filter, so it should make it's debut in the next site update (within the next week - according to my bi-weekly update goal). It affects performance a little, which I hate, but I guess it's a necessary evil. From initial testing, it adds about 0.05 seconds to load time, which isn't much, but is taking me above me goal of 0.1 seconds max (around 0.13). I'm hoping to find a speedier solution. Right now it validates the HTML, makes sure it is structured properly (starting/closing tags, completed attributes, etc), strips unallowed attributes from tags, and strips unallowed tags. That's quite a bit, but it is dealing with something that must be handled safely.


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