I hate to say it, but...

Posted by david on 03 March 2012 at 6:46 am

Windows 8 isn't that bad. The Metro UI is a pain, but once I realized what the keyboard shortcuts were it became kind of convenient. I just had how they basically made it another desktop, instead of combining the regular desktop and the Metro apps seemlessly. I set up a couple of share drives in a few minutes and now the wife and I each have about 300Gb of network storage to play with (with another 300Gb still unpartitioned). Remote desktop on Linux always seems to be slow as mud for me, but Windows 8 is extremely responsive. It's very fast anyway, but I can't tell a difference between remote and physically sitting at the computer. I remember when Linux ran faster on that computer, but Windows 8 can hold its own in performance. Granted, it is pretty much a bare install, as I'm using it as a file server. Anytime I've ran Linux on it, it would be running several databases and servers on top of whatever I was working on.


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