Posted by david on 03 March 2012 at 6:38 am

I worked on the Dashboard some last night. I've been working on getting administrative features in the dashboard. I have the Application manager (add/remove) and the beginning of the App settings manager (settings for all apps). I fixed a few display bugs in the dashboard that didn't show up until the layout was pushed a little (the Apps manager uses a grid to show/categorize the apps). A lot of CSS changes back and forth and back and forth, most of it ended up being fixed with a simple "right:0;"  haha. The content was flowing well beyond the right edge of the screen and sometimes would jumble up instead of extending the height of the page. The dashboard just opens at the top of the page above the current page and that makes the positioning a little trickier. Mix in several different style sheets controlling the same styles and things get confusing. Anyway, I had a nice CSS refresher after not using it that much the last year or so. This week I plan to finish the Apps Settings and begin working on the System administration portion. I'll probably work in a few Blocks experiments as well. 


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