Goal Week

Posted by david on 03 March 2012 at 6:28 am

Until recently Clay Framework was unintentionally suppressing PHP errors, which meant I missed a few little coding errors. I figured out why the errors were suppressed, so now that is fixed, it's time to fix the errors. My goal for this next week is to make CF PHP Strict standards compliant, which means there are no notices about coding style. PHP has for a long time been a very non-strict language, but it is transitioning toward strict and that is a good thing. When I enabled E_STRICT error reporting earlier there were only a few things I had been doing that threw the non-compliance notices. Unfortunately those few things were rather prevalent in the code base. I'll chalk that up to learning and adapting. They should be easy fixes, it'll just take some time to replace it throughout the code base. I guess pursuing Strict compliance is at least better than ignoring it.


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