Posted by david on 28 November 2011 at 1:46 am
After swapping development environments, losing almost 6 months work of Clay development code due to a combination of backups being auto saved to the wrong partition and the following hard drive failure (development code and backups were on the same drive, mistakenly), being away for a month, and some really busy work weeks, Clay is getting back in full swing. I'm going to work around the code losses and try to remember the changes as I push forward. I'm also setting up a private cloud on my hosted server and will be doing a reset of the git repository on github, with mirrors on sourceforge or google code. I messed up and didn't push a lot of changes to github because of the transitions the code was going through. I'm working on a repo strategy to divide up the project, probably resulting in up to 4 different repos to support the full Clay project. I've been wanting to do that for a while, it should allow me to have the framework separate and branch it in a way that will allow continued advancement. Tomorrow i hope to get new repos setup and possibly do some more organizing, but that depends on how much time I end up with.


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