Starting DIY eliquid

Posted by david on 22 February 2019 at 1:07 am

I've been vaping for a long time and normally get my eliquid (juice) from a local shop with good prices. Unfortunately that shop has been closed a lot lately, for various reasons. I shopped around a little and couldn't find another shop I like as much so I started considering making my own. At first I was afraid it would be more expensive, but I soon found out it is A LOT cheaper.

I bought a DIY kit from for $49, plus some extra stuff for another $20. I matched my monthly budget for juice, but now I have enough for several months. The kit came with flavors, but I'll likely buy a few more before I settle into the ones I prefer. The flavors aren't that expensive, $1-$3 generally for 15mL, and bulk pricing brings that down a little.

I made 4 different 30mL juices today, which is about ~2 weeks of vaping for me. Once I've made some recipes I like, I have some 60 amd 120mL bottles to begin making batches in. I hardly touched the supplies I have, with most of the usage going from flavoring.

Once I have some recipes I like, I plan to share them here and my youtube channel.

If you vape and haven't tried DIY, pick up a kit and give it try.


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