Worth it!

Posted by david on 30 October 2018 at 1:54 am

So, Parrot Home booted from the issues. So smooth. Comes with a nice selection of software, updated packages, and Mate as the desktop. Liking it, a lot. Not sure if I like it more than Mint... I'll have to try Mint's Mate variant to decide. Have to call it a night, so continuing/restarting tomorrow. Parrot Security is next, then I have to start over booting the other OS' from USB. Booting from DVD I was least impressed with openSUSE... regrettably. SUSE was the first Linux distro I used exclusively back in the day. Actually bought the box set of it and still have it in storage. Maybe it'll perform better from USB, can't be any worse.


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30 Oct 18


I'm probably going to add a few more distros to the least Kali and Elementary OS, maybe more.

1:57 am