ClayDB 3 Development

Posted by david on 29 October 2018 at 2:15 am

I've started working on ClayDB 3, with the first iteration being 2.7. I'm re-adding SQLite and PostgreSQL support for 2.7 and I'll be adding others before it hits 3.0. Not a lot will change at first, but eventually I plan to turn it into a Composer package.


One of the criticisms I've heard of Clay through the years is a lack of Models. I'm contemplating adding models for Clay 2.0, but I may wait. There are already a ton of changes happening in Clay 2.0 and it's more than I'd originally intended. I think it's more likely that ClayDB 3 will support models and the traditional queries, with models implemented within Clay in specific areas. We'll see. Some of the things I'm working on may make models obsolete ;)


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