Posted by david on 08 October 2018 at 3:02 am

I've been rewriting many of Clay 2's modules to be easier to use and document. Over the years Clay 1 became muddy and a lot of functionality was plugged into places it, probably, didn't make sense. Functions accepted a lot of parameters or large arrays filled with overly verbose data.

Clay 2 is already a lot easier to read and I'm working on slashing duplicate code and simplifying as much as I can. This rewrite is changing the way Clay looks, but not very much how it works. I'm liking it and I feel like everytime ao far has been an improvement in one way or another.

I also feel like Clay is becoming more consistent amd changing the file structure has helped toward that goal. It's really kind of amazing to look back at older code and see how much Clay has progressed. This should probably be Clay 4 or 5, based on rewrites before it hit 1.0, but it's definitely not 1.0 any more.


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