Posted by david on 02 January 2018 at 12:50 pm

Documenting Clay has me thinking about improvements beyond 2.0. I have a while before I get to 2.0, but I like to look ahead; I like to know what I'm writing will eventually look like. Originally 2.0 was supposed to just be front-end updates. I shifted some of the 2.x updates to 1.x because I finished what I had originally wanted to call 2.0 so quickly.

While that all means 2.0 will take a little longer, it gives me an opportunity to make 3.0 even better. For 2.x I will be rewriting a lot of the base classes that make up applications and themes, using their object models more effectively, and recreating a debug layer that will give a developer a better understanding of what is going on behind the scenes. The debug layer hasn't been updated in years and is now only helpful if there is an error. My plan is to give developers a visual demonstration of the data flow and a profiler that gives them insight in how things are working behind the scene.

This will all be possible by moving the data flow out of the current array system and into a central template data object. That move will also shrink the application object and the amount of logic required to determine output. Finally, it aligns better with the features I'm building into 1.x for 2.0 and simplifies template data overall.

I have to finish these docs and 2.0 before I can move on to that, but I should have a good plan when the time comes.


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