Posted by david on 01 January 2018 at 3:01 am

I've been adding documentation to Clay, it's way over due. My goal is to have a readme file in every folder and then a readme file for at least all of the files in the Clay core. I dug up some of my old docs to see if I could use any of them, unfortunately I've rewritten Clay so many times most of them were obsolete.

While documenting Clay I'm also updating code comments and running a generator to document that way as well. I prefer inline comments, which generators don't pick up, so unfortunately it won't replace the need for readme files. It does however give a more verbose view of how Clay works, so I see an advantage to having both.

My goal is to document all of Clay, which will take some time. It'll also give me a thorough code review, so as always, docs are worth the trouble.


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