Posted by david on 15 December 2017 at 12:44 am

I upgraded most of the templates in the installer today, it still uses jQuery, but nearly all of the templates now use ClaySS. It's really easy to make a clay theme now, so it shouldn't take long to finish the ctx-2 theme.

I will be adding a few ClaySS components based on things in the installer. I haven't decided if I'll use all of them in Clay, but if I'll try to just extend current components if I can.

One feature I will be adding to Clay as part of this update are base page templates that will go in the Common app. I've noticed ClaySS has kinda standardized page templates, so they will likely be the same across most themes. This will prevent every theme from having a requirement to have the base templates, such as dashboard and app page templates.

Overall I think I'm on the way to a solid 2.0 and a good segway into the planned changes for 3.0.


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15 Dec 17


I forgot to mention it, but there will also be a new theme manager, with theme specific settings. That will likely allow even more flexibility with the base templates and reduce the need for a theme to have page templates. Clay is on it's way to having one of the better theme systems out there.

12:49 am