Posted by david on 03 December 2017 at 2:17 am

Today I worked on integrating the markdown app via plugins, it turned it really well so far. It was the first time I used a plugin for an editor, so I was able to pick out a few places that could be improved in the plugins system as well. I still need to work on the previewer, which should test the plugin system a little more, but I made some progress at least.

Spending all that time in the blogging app today really showed me how much more responsive the new front end is than here on this site. It was a noticeable difference. I also prefer the new blog layout over the one on the site now. I'll have to check again, since I've added more to ClaySS since I last checked, but at one point I'd removed nearly half a megabyte of filesize from front-end dependencies.

I also added the pager (the page numbers at the bottom of the page) to ClaySS. It's more integrated into the theme and uses the background colors, where the one here has it's own stylesheet and required a theme override.


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