Posted by david on 04 October 2017 at 12:57 am

I'm almost finished with the blocks to plugins migration in Clay. It has made the Plugins API a little heavier, but with submodules most of the API isn't loaded on a normal page load. Cutting out the blocks API, which depends on the services module will still lighten Clay. Plugins also require only a single DB query, whereas the services module uses the more DB intensive application settings API. 

I'm also doing an overhaul of the privileges for plugins and making a new UI interface that gives you a clearer picture of what the privileges assigned to a role actually allow. The Privileges API already had the capability, it just wasn't built into the admin component to show it before.

Finally, I'm building a sandbox mode into the Roles administration that allows an admin to see what is available for a user to see, without seeing the actual content. The sandbox mode will provide the user a layer of privacy, while not hampering site administration.


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