Clay Upgrade Between Stag

Posted by david on 13 June 2011 at 10:04 pm
I am thinking about pushing a Clay upgrade before I move on to stage 2 of the service interfaces deployment. The upgrade would probably kill about a week of ClayCMS work, because of the amount of code changes required for the upgrade (not to mention testing). The upgrade is intended to fix a well-intentioned feature of Clay's application object, which has turned out to be kind of a pain. The intent was to provide a way to create application objects through a single function. Unfortunately I never finished implementing the full intent of the function and it just makes the code harder to read. When I made the function I wasn't using PHP 5.3 or namespaces. With namespaces there hasn't really been a need to use it, other than standardization. Anyway, using more application objects has made me want to drop it completely, but I didn't want to postpone stage 1 any further.


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