Posted by david on 26 October 2014 at 5:39 pm
I finally got back to working on Clay some more.  The Plugins app/module are almost finished, but I haven't pushed them to the repo yet.  There is still some work to do and a lot of testing left.  I've been adding a Core API to applications that will provide outline information without having to call individual application APIs, such as: item types, items, fields, etc.  This API will also soon handle routing for short urls and an extension of it may be used by the menu/navigation system.  It is also required by Plugins to utilize Hooks in applications.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to work on anything tonight because my daughter's laptop (my old laptop) crashed and I'm trying to do a backup and restore.  

There are several updates I want to do to Clay before the 1.0 release coming up.  One of the things I really want to do is upgrade Bootstrap to the latest build, but that will involve changes all over the place.  That may end up coming a little later, as I don't see any critical changes, but I would like to migrate to it sooner than later.  The longer I go without migrating the more that will require updates.  I also want to do some restructuring in the Clay libraries, but again I may push those to a supplemental upgrade.  

My plan right now is to push forward with Plugins, get the menu system in place, and implement short urls.  I plan to have a few publishing applications available for 1.0 and some supporting plugins to go with them. I will probably take a little time to evaluate how long a Bootstrap migration will take and then decide when to put that through.

Right now I'm hoping to release Clay Framework 1.0 just before 25th December and Clay 1.0  just after 1 January.  I'm thinking it's doubtful I'll have a lot of documentation for either one.  I'm actually hoping to have a lot of the documentation built into Clay and the framework will mostly start out with source generated documentation anyway.

My real job is keeping me really busy this week, but I'm hoping if I can manage to focus a little on Clay each day I will be able to finally finish my push toward 1.0.  I really want to move on to building with it and not just in it.


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