Posted by david on 06 October 2014 at 5:35 pm
Alright so I haven't done a lot of work on Clay lately, but I have been really busy. Here are some updates. In August I started a new hobby: homebrewing beer! So far I've bottled a wheat beer and a German-style lager and I have a Scottish red and a Belgian white almost ready to bottle. The next batch will be a try at a Belgian dubbel and then probably another lager. By far my favorite hobby of all time. Also in August I went on a road trip to Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, and Germany. We stopped in Munich for a few days, but Pula, Croatia was by far my favorite stop. If you ever get a chance, go to Croatia. I live in Italy so it wasn't far of a drive for me. I also found out I made Tech Sgt (Air Force) so I get a raise in either December or January. On top of that I have been promoted early so I have my own shop now. A little nervous about that part, but I have a lot of background knowledge so hopefully it works out. I was supposed to get a promotion in November to a shop chief position, unfortunately in some ways at least things change so I'm taking on a new role where I work now. This past weekend I went to Destination Star Trek 3 in London! Was awesome! I took my wife, she's the Trekkie, but I really ended up having a good time. So, back to Clay. I have come to the conclusion if I keep building it for someone else, no one may actually use it. From now on I'm going back to the original intent and building it for me. I plan to still release it to the public, but if someone wants something different out of it they will have to help. It's time for me to start building with it and not just on it. With that being said, most of the features I've wanted are what I've discussed before. I'm just not trying to tailor it as much to what I think people want to use. It's been a fun couple of months!


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