Gearing Up

Posted by david on 06 April 2014 at 2:13 pm
I'm gearing up to start work on Clay again.  I had a false start about a month ago, but I've been updating all of my development software today and doing a code review.  It's hard to believe you can forget how something works when you actually made it...  

After delaying my Data Objects implementation to wait for Clay 2.0, I've decided to go ahead with it.  I may or may not finish Plugins, depending on the performance impact of DO.  This decision is based on my lack of development lately, as well as implications for the project.  Data Objects will allow applications to run as instances, instead of as stand-alone entities as they do now. It makes a site a little more complicated to administer, but it also opens up the possibility of having multiple web sites running on a single installation of Clay, not just multiple site installations running on a single code base, as we have now.  

I hope to get Data Objects finished rather quickly, implement the menu system (which will use DO), and get it all released. There's a lot more to it than just that, but I'm trying to focus on those three points.


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