Clay Status Update

Posted by david on 09 August 2013 at 4:00 pm
Unfortunately, I missed the July release deadline for the final Clay 1 beta. I'm working on a new road map revision, but I'm hoping to just push it back and month, along with a few adjustments to the milestones. July was a very busy month for me and I was just not able to put the time into Clay that I needed to finish the last beta. It happens.

I'm hoping to finish the Plugins (hooks) functionality and release it whenever it is ready, sometime in August. As I've stated before, Clay 1.0 will be kind of bare in apps and themes, but that just gives it room to grow into 2.0. I'm hoping to have several content apps available by the 1.5 release, which will be the divide into 2.0.

I would have probably had the Plugins functionality closer to completion, had I not been remapping some integration concerns I've had down the road for the Objects application and Data Objects module. Plugins in Clay work similar to plugins for a browser or other desktop applications.  Plugins in Clay allow you to plug in a specific feature offered from one application into another application, such as comments or a hit counter. Data Objects and its front-end, the Objects application, are similar, which has often tempted me to skip the plugin implementation altogether. I've mentioned Objects before, but in a nutshell they are a mixture of container objects and functional properties that can be stacked as needed. An example is a form, where the overall form is a container and each field in the form is added as a property.

The current plan to is continue implementing Plugins and to implement the Objects functionality as a plugin. Eventually, a lot of the functionality now offered as Services will be moved to either Plugins or Object properties and Services will become a lower level background facility.  It's all a progression of implementing new features and migrating current functionality into better suited facilities as they become available.

With school, work, and a family, it's difficult to put as much time into Clay as I'd like. Some help would be nice though.


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