Clay 0.9.20 Released

Posted by david on 22 June 2013 at 5:50 pm
I am pleased to announce the latest release of Clay, version 0.9.20.

Download it from our Google Drive here.

This release features a new upgrade tool, built into the Clay Installer. It is the first release that allows a direct upgrade from the previous version. To access the upgrade (or install Clay) go to install.php in a browser. If you are upgrading, an upgrade link will display next to the Web Site Configuration name. 

This release includes several fixes and enchancements, including:
  • Clay Installer fixes
  • Clay's Installer Package now lists all modules and applications affected during an upgrade
  • Several modules and applications were correctly associated as Core items in their info files
  • Sessions data field updated to TEXT instead of VARCHAR (bug fix)
  • Added Plugins module and application (not fully implemented)
  • Added a stylesheet for the pager
  • Performance updates in the Dashboard
  • Performance updates in WYSIHTML5
  • Autoboot Package bug fix (critical)
  • Optimized Privileges module (data caching)
Check out the release and let me know what you think.


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