Posted by david on 04 June 2013 at 1:24 pm
I'm considering issuing another supplemental release, before the scheduled Beta 3 release later this month. It will likely be 0.9.16 and would be the first version of Clay with a working upgrade functionality. Consider it an Alpha version to 0.9.20 :)

I just started school again yesterday, so I'm trying to cram as much coding as I can before my class "gets real".

It has been so hard not to start on Clay 2.0... I don't understand why I can't just finish something before I move on to something else. On a lighter note, I've decided the best way to document Clay is from within. One of the plugins I hope to have implemented by the July release will be a built-in help system that pulls data from a git repository. The source may change as Clay evolves, but I thought that would be the best way to build up documentation and not have to release a new version just to update docs. Other developers, if they exist, will be able to push their docs into the repository and keep them up to date as well.


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