Introducing Clay Plugins

Posted by david on 04 June 2013 at 1:06 pm
I've began work on the Clay Plugins system, which is the new name for the Hooks System I've mentioned lately. Plugins allow applications to offer pieces of functionality to extend an existing application. One of the first plugins I plan to make available is a comments system, which can add comments support to content items.

Plugins are an important feature for Clay 1.x and will enable a lot of expansion and changes. They are a stepping stone between the Services feature now provided and the future Data Objects model, planned for Clay 2.0. Even though Clay is just now approaching a 1.0 release, the code base has had a long development life span and this is an evolutionary step toward a new Clay.

Originally, I had planned to implement this functionality as an application that used the Services feature. As I looked forward, I realized a move away from Services would provide a better upgrade plan. The goal is to move all of the Services functionality toward plugins, for Clay 1.5, which will then move on to Application Data Objects when that feature is implemented for Clay 2.0. 


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