Posted by david on 11 September 2012 at 2:28 am

I've been working on bug fixes to fix anything left over from the transition to modules. I've fixed a few and there don't appear to be too many left. I will probably push Clay onto the server sometime this week and make sure there aren't issues with the code there. Once that is verified I'll upgrade this site to the latest version of Clay. I'm excited to see what the performance difference will be. This site runs a little faster than my local server and performance has improved quite a bit on local. There are still optimizations to do, but I've tried to work in as many lately as I could find time for.

I'm probably going to be splitting my development time a little more that I have been lately. I have a few application ideas I'd like to push out, but there are still project goals to finish as well. I want to do some social apps and maybe something that works with the Github API.

Once the Privileges are finished on the administrative side I'll enable user registration here, followed shortly by adding comments functionality to blog posts. The comments system may be temporary, as I plan to expand that quite a bit once the hooks system is finished. I'll try to put in some temporary stints that will allow me to simply open it up to hooks, but I may be able to just make it simple enough to convert, it later on, to a newer system.


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