Finishing Touches on the Privs Branch

Posted by david on 27 August 2012 at 2:18 pm

By this time next week the privs branch should be merged back into the master branch in the Clay repo. This branch has brought the most radical changes to Clay in quite some time. It features a new module system, with many former ClayCMS libraries now acting as modules. The modules are the last part of the work left to do, other than the usual pre-merge audits. Modules will support dependencies and work on demand. If an application uses a module, it will be set up automatically, including configuration files and database tables. The privileges system, which was the purpose of the branch to begin with, allows applications complete control over the privileges they provide and what they allow.

Finally, a lot of effort has gone into improving code readability and commenting every file. By the time this branch is merged into the master branch, every file in Clay will have been touched. I'm working toward defining coding standards and recommendations, while implementing those standards into the code base. This branch has obviously been more than just about privileges, but most of the changes were solutions for needs brought to light by the new privileges sytem. 


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