Posted by david on 16 August 2012 at 2:02 am

Sometimes I get stuck on some code and have to just take a break from it. When that happens I normally just try to brain storm new ideas and hope my creativity kicks in. Sometimes it works and I finish the code, sometimes I get distracted with the brain storm and don't go back to the code until later.

As you can probably tell from my blog, my thought process is not exactly linear. I'm always thinking about new things to do and normally that leads to other things to do. I hardly ever finish a project, which proves Clay is just meant to be or I would have stopped working on it by now! Here's a (n incomplete) map of my thought process tonight:

Writing code for the Roles module -> need a way to share a ClayDB link without extending an abstract class in every new class -> I can use a trait -> traits don't share static variables, so the link wouldn't really be "shared", just the code -> Once the Roles, User, and Privileges modules are finished I need to enable user registration on this site -> I need a comments application for my blog -> it should be a service or a hook or both? -> maybe I should add facebook comments -> I wonder if you could make facebook comments into a forum -> I think twitter would be more logical -> I could use twitter for all communication -> but twitter has that darn work limit -> I need to set up the Clay Project site -> I could integrate it with GitHub -> I could use the twitter forum idea for that too -> but it has that darn work limit -> I wonder if anyone in the profession-php developers group would be interested in a twitter forum -> *start writing email to group* -> *discard email* -> I need to make my own twitter -> I'll just use a trait -> I'll leave the abstract in case someone wants to use that too -> Maybe I should just drop libraries altogether and make all of them a module -> but I did go the library route to make the code extendable -> modules are going to be harder to extend, so I should just keep the libraries too -> I need to move a lot of code out of applications and into modules -> some other day -> this heart burn sucks -> traits aren't nearly as useful as I imagined -> abstracts are better, but you can only have one base class in PHP -> traits are better unless you need static variables -> how do traits provide multiple inheritance if static variables don't stay static -> I hate PHP -> Ah, finally finished with the Roles module -> shit, I have to write the setup class for the Roles module -> I'll do that later -> this heart burn sucks -> I need a cigarette


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